Dear all 405 fans,
So.. As most of you know I'm at a big loss of motivation and don't want to finish the rest of my commissions. There was a big flood at the start but they have calmed down. There are 3 or 4 that never got done and they never paid me (in whatever form. Do remember you must pay about half before the commission gets started. Don't ask unless you have half of what you're going to pay) I am going to have to politely decline or ask you to wait..... If you are one of the people who never got theirs, message me again explaining what you want. AND why. They won't get done otherwise. I deeply apologize.=20

Also, I've recently been notified that certain people were talking trash about me? I'm not sure but if you have any further knowing of this, please tell me.=20

I am also very greatfull that 405 people clicked the silly little fan button! Thank you for joining the KingSilly Kingdom! I love you all dearly and wish to become your greatest friend.=20


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