Okay.. I didn't like how the last one went so.... Another one. I'll use the ships from that one for A-F.

Also, I have a new male human oc names Angel Boi if you'd like to ship him too.

So..... Name ONE of MY ocs and ONE of YOUR ocs.

❤️ A. KirbyCreations (Red x Stella)
💛 B. 🍪SugarySketches🍫 (Melissa x James)
💚 C. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (oniyurki x James)
💙 D. 👑🎲Sav👑🎲 (Sofia x Nalia)
💜 E. VenturiantaleFanGirl (Teara x Koji)
❤️ F. RandomDraws (Miley x Space Child)
💛 G. Boba (Halii x James)
💚 H. ¢нσ¢σℓαтє ¢σσкιє (Tachie x Guppy)
💙 I. 🎃ThatGirlSPOOPY 🎃 (Scarlet x Nalia)
💜 J. GreenSpell (GreenSpell x Flop)
❤️ K. iPumpkinPie (Cynthia x Nalia)
💛 L. Chibi sandslash (Moon x Blueberry)

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