I know many of you share this trial with me. No, I do not have this disease (YET). My mother died of this horrible ghoul that steals your memories, your personality, the recognition of your children, your intelligence.....and leaves an empty shell of a person who just sits and stares; and when fed her baby food has to be reminded to "swallow". I don't want this, but live in fear that I'm next!

Now, a bit of levity.....the red tint in the lipstick is because as far back as I remember, she always wore red. Always. All the way up to the Time she quit communicating. I would go to the store and get her the Revlon shade she always wore. The problem is, she could NEVER find her purse to put the lipstick on ! (Mom. It's by your feet....Mom, it's on the seat next to me. Mom, It's by your feet.......). At that point we didn't know what was wrong......we found out soon enough!!!

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