This sketch is the final one in a set designed to teach about different viewing methods for stereo imaging.

Created using what is called parallel viewing, the images will appear when your visual focus is behind the canvas as if you are looking through the picture. Though it will seem as if there are three images, it is the center image where the 3D illusion is created when your left and right eyes merge their respective left and right images. This is the way I normally create my illusions.

You will know that you are viewing it correctly when the objects in the illusion appear in their logical order, spoon and cup in the foreground and dots layered in the background.

If the image you see appears reversed from that, dots layered in the foreground and cup and spoon in the background, then you are using crossed eyes and a shortened visual focus.

Please check out the WIPs for the inverted view and the control.

For further consideration, check out this discussion thread:


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Georgia Lee
Fire Dove

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