Celebrate over 50 years of Doctor Who with multiple drawings of your favourite moments from the British science-fiction television programme. Explore the universe with endless choices, from a number of companions, the Doctors foes, the blue British police box named Tardis to the Time Lord Doctor himself. If you are new to the Whoniverse you may need a crash course in some wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff before you begin...

Doctor Who, 1975 in Pyramids of Mars introduced us to Sutekh the Destroyer. Sutekh was an Osiran and planned to destroy all life in the universe. He feared all forms of life which might one day challenge his hegemony, and so became the destroyer of all living things. "In my presence, you are an ant, a termite. Abase yourself, you grovelling insect."

To all future companions - here’s a list of the Doctor’s rules...

- Don’t wander off
- Waste time when you don’t have any. Time is not the boss of you
- Multiple drawings allowed
- No image loads, create it all in SketchClub
- Any Doctor Who reference is fine, but credit artists if any fan art used
- Never run when you’re scared

Thank you for featuring Sutekh Madd 😊

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