a ref for AW! Maxeria!! woo!!
i designed them based off the song "The Anarchy" by TurboshoxX (great song, btw)
also new ref template?? and me plastering a watermark everywhere??

(Time: 2 hours, 2 mins)
//i never pay attention to the time ">0<//

**Main Info:**
Name: Maxeria

Nicknames/Aliases: Max, Maxi, Cryto (this is a weird one)

Gender/Sex: Female/Neutral

Personality: (normally) calm and collected, pompous at times.
(other) insane, bloodthirsty, wreck-havoc

Species: Hedgewolf

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

AU: Anarchaic World

Voice: dry and raspy. in need of water

Theme: The Anarchy, TurboshoxX

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Font: PingFangFK-SemiBold


**Affinity Links:
[Any version of Maxeria is best-close friends]

(Ally) Dream Destroyer:

(Ally) Anarchy:

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