For the watercolor challenge “Tony van Hasselt”
What a wonderful watercolor artist he is.
This was a great challenge, I learned a lot! The watercolor brushes are amazing to use.

My sketch placed 1st in the Watercolor challenge! I have never placed 1st before so thank you all, you have made my day!😘🎨😘

Wow, after doing all my Sunday errands I finally was able to settle down abd draw and I see my sketch is featured! What a lovely surprise! Im so honored to have the talented Georgia Lee
Feature my Tony van Hasselt watercolor.

Very much appreciate your kindness
😘❤️Fire Dove
😘❤️Mr. John
😘❤️Georgia Lee
😘❤️Hawaiian Misty (Pam
😘❤️Marcia Wegmann
😘❤️wind dancer
😘❤️Tim S.
😘❤️Sheridan Cain

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40,095 glops
Created with an iPad Pro
Uploaded 2017-11-11 04:01:20.623270
Featured by Georgia Lee
Tagged ipad
Challenge: Free Draw Friday!!

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