This is admittedly a semi-rip-off of Dr. G. I liked the idea a lot, but I thought of this twist on it to find self-portraits by any famous artists in art history and replace the famous artist with a SC selfie. I saw this Rembrandt etching when I visited Amsterdam in 2013 and it blew me away. It looks like a newspaper photograph. It is only about 5”x6” but the detail is amazing. I also used this compo as motivation to try drawing this in order to force myself to really study the cross-hatching used. I tried to imitate it, the best I could, and I did learn a lot in doing so. What he did with a lot of it is entirely counterintuitive. This was so much fun, I thought I would make it a compo suggestion. The WIP reference photo is my own, given away by the reflection of the green light in the upper right corner. Again, apologies to Dr. G.

One entry per artist.
Must identify the original artist and piece the entry is based on.
No image loads, all done in SC.

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