Stereogram notes:

Add drawn elements into a stereograph at layered intervals to appear within the appropriate depth perception of the final image.

Compo Idea:

-Multiple entries per artist allowed.
-Two image loads allowed for the background. Everything else drawn in SketchClub
-Your compo entry should be an original creation. References are okay but you must mix multiple references to create something new. Close reproductions of added elements are not allowed unless you use your own personal photo as the reference.
-Be creative and have fun!

Instructions for creating a stereograph (the background picture):
•Find your desired scene and take a picture that will become the left side shot.
•Move your camera approximately one to two inches to your right and take a picture of the same scene that will become your right side shot. (The one to two inches represents the natural distance between your own left and right eyes.)
•Upload to a canvas, placing left on left and right on right.

*****Viewing Notes*****

Parallel View.

To make viewing easier, I added two black focal dots. If you focus "through" the sketch and see three black dots, the 3D image will be in the center. Do not cross your eyes.

Note: Best viewed on a smaller screen or further away from a larger screen.

Use a divider for clearest detail.

*****For additional help*****

If you have difficulty seeing stereograms, perhaps this tutorial will help...

Join the discussion here:

Otherwise, just enjoy the sketch and concept!

Thanks for the , Zomaar!

Thanks for the !
Georgia Lee
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