(Re-upload cause the background was baaaad)

Nose animal fight!! What are they fighting about? Probably their noses. (As i have mentioned many times, the length of their nose determines their status/attractiveness, but stiffness also has a part in it. Technically the guy on the left has a longer nose, but the one on the right has a stiffer one, so they gotta settle it with a fight. But their noses are very sensitive, so fights usually end with them both far too over-stimulated to actually do anything)

AND!! You may wonder why Nose Animals have white skin; well that's because they have a hide, similar to elephants. Some have a form of vitiligo though, like the right guy, where they have blotches of melanin, from dark brown/black to a light pinkish color, like human skin.

Anyway imma stop nOw

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