oh man!!! i forgot how fun it was to make a monster design :000

im extremely rusty with drawing anything that resembles an animal so it might look off aha
but dang
it was so fun creating this
i don't really care if it looks off

okay this was completely unintentional but
it looks kind of like a turkey

down here in Florida, you don't eat the turkey, thE TURKEY EATS Y O U

if this thing came running at me
I'd probably be eaten alive
i'd scream and bolt
but when I take my breath and look back
i'd start laughing at its stubby little legs

i mean come on LOOK AT THEM

by the way, if you're curious- the name translates to "gluttony gluttony"
it's in latin
i sure hope it translates to that since i used goOGLE TRANSLATE-

pffft, nah i checked other sources

also,,, would you guys be interested if i made adopts of these??? :0

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