I was inspired by Wendy’s sketch, she has so much imagination and delightful colors in her art! So I created a basic face, decided on the colors to add once I knew I wanted a scarf or shawl around her neck! Put pastel colors in her hair, lightly on face and on clothing! Once I decided to make the scarf with the texture of knitted wool and added more color, a knitted hat seemed great and added pin! I put a dark back ground first and then once her outfit looked wintery —decided to use my branch brush I-had made earlier to texture the background! I wasn’t fond of the pin I created and not liking where I put my logo- decided to replace the pin with it! Well I am fairly happy with the results, I was sorry to loose the pastel shades I had before! But sometimes you have to let a sketch go on it’s own path!

WOW- THANK YOU ANGEL NZ for leaving me a beautiful star feature! You helped make this day extra special and sweet!
I also want to thank everyone that left me the beautiful bouquet of red hearts! I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends I have met here and give encouragement to do better!! And I enjoy reading your very kind comments and appricate at this busy time of year taking time to stop by!

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