What can I say, while your holding your breath waiting for the winner...I’ll be WINNING wearing my sketch bot onsie ...you know you want one too hahaha.

🌟first off, let me pick my jaw up off the floor from being in total shock. I can not believe my drawing won First place, let me splash some water at me and pinch myself too😜thank you kindly to all for choosing this fun draw. I appreciate it🍀💕
And secondly, to all you creative and fun artists in sketch club, always enjoy creating your own art. Laugh, smile, and continue being you in your art, and it will always shine🌟
And lastly , thank you sketchclub for the kind feature🍀💕now make a sketchclub onsie for the shop and I’ll be the first to buy one😜💕

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Created with an iPad Pro
Uploaded 2017-11-17 01:25:53.268450
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