You don't need to be perfect. Simple. In fact being perfect is the last thing you ever need to be. You want to know why?, well it's simple.. Because you're never going to be. Don't waste your time on something that dosent matter.

Beauty. Beauty is subjective. You. Are. Beautiful. Don't care what you think, because you are. Who cares if the girl ( or guy) makes fun of you, give you a look. If they say something like " You are disgusting, you are defintley the ugliest person ever " or something just give them a smile and say something witty. Don't let their words affect you. Because in the real world nobody give a flying fudge.

Now this is to me, Adelade.

Hey! How you doing? Obviously not well if your reading this because you're obviously feeling bad about your self. Because whenever you feel bad you will go to this right? Well I'm going to talk to you and try make you feel better. Now I don't know the future so I'm going to try and cover Some topics.

You hating yourself
Ah yes. Could you stop it? I know you can't just stop but could you try?. Look I get it, you wake up and you just hate yourself I understand but this isn't healthy and you are better than this. Think positive! You will get through this. There are worse of people than you ^^

People bullying you
Who cares?. Now I don't know what they say but who cares. They don't know you at all. They don't know what you have been through to get where you are now. If they bully you about your looks give them a smile and then pull the finger. Because it dosent matter. They don't matter. If they make remarks about you not having a boyfriend just remember..... Your fictional crushes are there for you and there not going any where.


Oh jeez I hope not. Don't you dare kill your self. I'm serious. You can't do it. I don't care what you're going through. You have not gone through X amount of years just to throw it away. Even if the world hates you. You have SO MUCH to live for. Opportunities etc. You have friends, family who love you. Look I don't know what happends when you die but there's a very good chance that you have one chance of living... Are you really just going to waste it by ending your life early?. We have gone through so much and I REFUSE to let you do this. If your reading this and you really are sucidal, Adelade... Think of 12 year old self and what she would think. Becuse she cares about you. She would be disappointed if you did this. Don't do it. Look at the picture that I drew of myself. Look at it and think of me. Please I'm begging of you.


Also if your wondering why the lines aren't " clean" that's because my lineart doesn't need to be perfect. I guess it sorta symbolises that my exterior isn't perfect but my inside is beautiful.

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