Ref: fb pro pic. Drawing people is a tricky mix of colors and perceived likeness. Well I don’t know how well the likeness part works but I did use color.

Dawn you have been a treasure of friendship and support. I’m thankful for all your kindness and love 🌹😘

⭐️ Well thank you Madd I’m so honored and pleased you featured our dear friend. That’s a very special gift . ☺️🙏🏻⭐️

♥️ Thank you to my heart givers !
🌹 Dawn
🌹 Kay K
🌹 Shirlart
🌹 Georgia Lee
🌹 Madd
🌹 wind dancer
🌹 Fire Dove
🌹 Joy
🌹 Marcia Wegmann
🌹 Kimmers
🌹 Twinee1
🌹 Char
🌹 Wendy

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