Or is it Vermillion? Eh I don't care -v-
Mavis has got to be one of my favorite Fairy Tail characters right next to Wendy, Levy, Happy, and Juvia and just about every FT character -w-"
But I mean COME ON how could you not like Mavis she is fabulous. Her character is amazing and in the arch were they (Spoilers) battle Zeref and the spinngy 12 people or what they are called (spoiler over here ouo)
So basically this is my first attempt on my alternative style digitally and I think I did pretty good, aside from the fact I spent like 36 min on just the line art TvT YOU SEE THAT ARM WAVING AT YOU I SPENT FOREVER TRYING TO MAKE IT LOOK NATURAL AND IT STILL LOOKS WEIRD

Dats it um bye

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