Reference : my own photo, taken at my parents' property in rural Victoria, Australia, in 2006.

My proposal for a Sketchy tool lovers group was approved last week, then suddenly there's a sketchy compo, which I feared I wouldn't have time to enter,...(very busy fortnight at work), and then today Blackpawn announces a sketchy daily challenge!! I obviously didn't have a choice, and had to drop the work I'd brought home for the weekend for ninety minutes and draw this chicken instead.

Please join the new Sketchy tool lovers group! And tag your existing sketchy-majority sketches for the gallery. Events will start after the current sketchy compo.

Thank you, WindDancer, for the honor of the feature. I never imagined this rooster would get quite the response it's been getting. I think it's going to make me famous, and after I die, even if in the meantime I manage to find the cure for cancer and bring peace to the middle east, I'll be remembered as "the guy who drew that chicken with the Sketchy"!


*** My goodness, he's become my highest rated picture,unseating my Mantis, which held the top spot for over a year!

*** Thank you for third place in the sketchy compo, my highest ever finish!

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Created with an iPad Air 2
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Featured by wind dancer
Tagged animals, ipad
3rd place in Sketchy Tool
Challenge: Sketchy Tool!

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