My Tomstar child, I really wanna write a story about her

Name: Samantha Butterfly Lucitor
Nickname: Sam
Age: 13
Mental age: 11
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Silly, adventurous, bad-temper, smart, kind, rebel

Here is a shortened version of her backstory (don’t wanna give away to many details)

Queen Star Butterfly was the second Queen to marry a monster, Tom Lucitor. Instead of the same that happened with Eclipsa, they people of Mweni loved Tom, and wanted children immediately. The people got there request, but something was wrong. First, they had twins. Second, the first twin, had no cheek marks, and horns. The Queen and King sent away the first child to live with the Kings brothers and sisters, leaving the second child to be the rightful princess.

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