These are my favourite sketches I drew this year. The car was a marathon sketch in perfection of detail; the Monarch was just so fun to draw, and the two landscapes are something I never thought I was capable of drawing well. It’s been a super fun year at Sketchclub! Thank you for the opportunity to post a collage of our favourite sketches!

⭐️💞⭐️ Oh, sweet Reggie, Thank you so much for the feature! ⭐️💞⭐️

Thank you so much for your heart ♥️
Cartouche ♥️
Hawaiian Misty (Pam ♥️
wind dancer ♥️
Pili ♥️
Shirlart ♥️
Marcia Wegmann ♥️
Reggie ♥️
Fire Dove ♥️
Twinee1 ♥️
Algonquinsue ♥️
Char ♥️
TIna ♥️
Angie ♥️
MaggyC ♥️
Obilio ♥️
Dawn ♥️
Kay K ♥️
Hilly SW ♥️
Mimi ♥️
DesertRose ♥️
Debora.m ♥️
Charmayos ♥️
Stayze ♥️
Krisse vans ♥️
Kat ♥️

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10th place in Sketch Collage

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