🌹Thank You Stayze for the Feature. I am honored you used your ⭐️ on my Sketch, stop by an see Stayze great gallery🌹

The women from my Dreaming of Manderlay sketch decided to step out and take a look at my Gallery. Now you know what her gown looks like from the back. BP could not make it so I brought a pawn to keep her company.

As I went through my gallery I found predominately faces and figures. Obviously that is my passion.
The background is Blue Morning which is a Photo Sketch of where I live on Keuka Lake.
The floor is two of my favorite sketches.
Three of the sketches here made the Final Noms. 😘 the fourth nom was not same palette for this collage. Thank you for the honor of your votes. 🧡
The Bride is to represent and thank the 👠 Fashion and Beauty Group for a great year of art.
And I included my Awards Sketch because it is my favorite Compo of the year and I love designing the Gown for it.

🌹I included the (re-draw) of my Tribute to Violet and kitty corner to that is the Tribute to Tina. We miss them very much.🌹

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