Yeah, just letting you guys know that this is not prank nor fake-
it just Happened 5 days ago, he died on the 29th of November, and if you wanna know what happend..he had one bad injury on his left wing and it was caused by some cat but we did our best to help him but Ollie died the next day.

Sorry for the bad news
And Sorry for not uploading much as I use too

It’s just this week was pretty terrible for me to be honest.. it’s
Sucks really- but ahh I am starting to feeling better after what happened but yeah and also I’m still keeping him as a character
But yeah that’s all I gotta say now.

& Please do stay safe and take care of your pets- don’t let them end up perishing like mine

R.i.p Ollie the cockatiel

and again I’m okay now

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