Me: Hey, lets give her a creative name!
Part of me: Since when do you do that
Me: Holly it is
Fun fact: I typed “Stuffies” and it autocorrected to “Studies”. Welp, this is now labeled “Studies DTA” bc I’m too lazy to change it.

~Holly Info~

Name: Holly Julia James
Age: 11
Date of birth: December 4th, 2006
Father: Michael Holmes James
Mother: Emmeline Grace White
Siblings: N/A
Appearance: Long red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, Pine tree/Ornament/Stocking necklace (wears different ones each day)
Height: 52”
Weight: 67 lbs.

Relationship: N/A
S/O: Asexual
YT: Christmasevebyholly

Currently attending: Lee Elementary
Future Career: Wants to be an astronaut
Electives: LAMPS (Library, art, music, PE, science lab)

Likes: Holidays (Mostly Christmas), Red and green, Christmas decoration, Winter
Dislikes: Summer, taking down her X-Mas tree, H e a t
Strengths: Writing, decor, math
Weaknesses: Reading, swimming
Perks: Perky and fun to be with, decent dancer, amazing holiday decorator
Flaws: Immature, irresponsible, and forgetful
Friends: Thinks everyone is her friend
Fam: Genevieve

Another Fun Fact: I’m 11 HeIgHt aNd wEiGhT aRe ReALiStIc

Anyways, backstory:
Holly was born with magic bursting from her seams. She doesn’t know it yet, but soon the magic is going to going to flood out of her. She’ll be a witch. A witch with no proper training. A witch with beautiful magic: Red and green and silver throughout. But a Witch with no training can be dangerous...

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