I changed some of the sketches a bit to make them fit the compilation. I hope that is okay? Mainly turned them to greyscale when they had a coloured background.
I discovered the joy of just sketching this year. Discovering what things really look like. I like the structure a ref gives me. I like how the sketch always is different from the ref.
Portraits, poses and animals are what I have sketched the most.
It was great fun. My black and white simple sketches are the sketches that, looking back, I like.
I struggle with adding color, must practice that a lot more. Or maybe not. This year I came back again and again to just doing the things I felt like doing. Following the muse more than telling it where to go.
I liked that, it is peacefull.
I want to thank everyone for the attention and the encouragement. It means a lot to me 🙏

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