I just love me some hunks! These two specifically. So much so, to the point, that they bring out the poet in me. Allow me to explain in fractured, eerie verse. Read at your own discretion because this gets intense; however, I want to entertain you all with my madness and overbearing (I'm just going to be frank here) "hunk-lust" (for it is all I've ever known) and I know you're gonna laugh if you read it out loud in a a fancy voice. I just know it, because I did myself. Restrain your judgements because I'm sick and this is the only way I know how to clear my aching mind. You know, other than ingesting large quantities of tea.

As I am, in truth, a maturing girl, give me this, at least, if anything: I scorn and hiss at the day when we lose the already fleeting and scarce population of "blessed macho hunky manbeasts" as I like to refer to them, dressed in nought but sharp, figure-saving suits, with trousers flared ever so slightly that any more tapering would ruin the look entirely; with hair smoky, dark, and grown to any range of arithmetically "perfect" lengths -not too long and not too short- only to be topped by a fringe combed to divine perfection, accentuating their precisely parted locks; any variation of accessories so long as they do not serve to only distract from the overall combination of garments, but rather add to them, as accessories are wont to do; skin a pale and pasty bleached tint, almost vampiric, if anything; loafers, boots, or any sort of dignified footwear; lastly, a face to make even the most open of people squirm discreetly, but to make me shrivel up and melt with how oddly charming it is. These are the things that make a man, in fact, a "hunk".

In essence, you must simply just be or look enough like either early to mid 1960s-era John Lennon or Pete Townshend (among others) to be the man of my dreams. No exceptions. I only want me a funky mod guy! I understand that that strict of a preference (that I am and have been staunchly holding for my entire life) may constrict the already small dating pool of people I would find attractive (which would be men only, and a specific type of man at that, and I've been informed they need to be alive; unfortunately most of the guys I have been known to crush on are up in the sky or four times my age by now) to a slim puddle...But I don't give a dung. Viva los hunks!

Also, side note: get a load of that Towser booty! I didn't even know I was capable of capturing his figure as such! Christ, he has a gorgeous body. I know, he don't got it anymore 'cause he's 72! But he had it at age 20 and that's alllll I need. I have the photographs.

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