Maggy and I say Thank You you to all the members of the Fashion and Beauty Group for your faithful participation in the group. We were able to give out a large number of stars and many features this year.
🎁 Thank you Maggy for a year of fun co leading and thanks you for the Group Feature 🎁

🏆The Fashion Group is proud to announce The 2017 Fashion Awards 🏆

🥇 Charmayos
🥇 Char
Win the Most Challenges Entered 
🥈 Shirlart
came in second for Most Challenges Entered

Each Award Winner will receive a Star ⭐️

We are saying a Holiday Cheer for your Health and Happiness in 2018

Side note:
If there was an award category for Difficult sketch of the Year, I would nominate this one. I choose two difficult poses with difficult arm and hand positions, hands are not my strength and in Fashion Illustration they are rarely drawn Realistic.
Image load is Maggy’s Portrait and use of the Select Tool which creates image loads.

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