For the Words and Art Card Challenge. Merry Christmas Sketch Club


What a wonderful to start my Sunday with a Feature! Thank you Words and Art


Your ’s are gratefully accepted for this humble work. Thank You!

πŸ‘ΌπŸ»ngel NZ πŸŽ„
Twinee1 πŸŽ„
Pili πŸŽ„
ilze πŸŽ„
Kat πŸŽ„
MaggyC πŸŽ„
Sheila πŸŽ„
Lenita πŸŽ„
Marilee Johnson πŸŽ„
Charmayos πŸŽ„
Krisse vans πŸŽ„
Joy πŸŽ„
Fire Dove πŸŽ„
Dr.CupcakeπŸ’• πŸŽ„
Newt πŸŽ„
Hawaiian Misty (Pam πŸŽ„

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