Arriving in style and just in time for the award ceremony!
Zoom in on the face and hair, it's really good.
Don't look closely at that bike tho - as much as I love riding them, I learned that drawing them bores and infuriates me

Wanted to do something a bit original, and sometimes that is really a big part of me the last few years is my bike. I bike to school, about one and a half hours every day. I started because 1. Buses are sensory nightmares, 2. Don't wanna pay for tickets and 3. Holy f*ck im Fat, I Need to do something. And now I feel mentally and physically worse when I don't bike at least 6h a week. It's become a great coping mechanism and way to work out without losing time - I'm just as fast as the bus.

My last appearance at the SketchClub awards in 2015:

Well my style has changed a lot, and I like it. Just look at 2015-me's hair, ugh what a mess. And 2015's took almost double the time to draw, so I'm pretty happy.

Was nominated in 6 categories, won 1 award - apparently I'm SketchClubs best young artist? Go figure. But big thanks to everyone who voted for me!

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