Cartoon Group Challenge

Thanks so much To the Caetoon Group who voted my sketch first and for this feature.. it put an exclamation mark on the end of 2017, an amazing and fun year on Sketch Club, i appreciate you all.

Thank You everyone for your kindness, the 👍🏻’S and comments. 🤗🙏🏻💕
Thank you for the privledge of receiving your special heart ♥️
🐯 Maqralion
☃️ Stayze
🐯 Shirlart
⛄️ Tim S.
🐯 Hawaiian Misty (Pam
☃️ Twinee1
🐯 Hilly SW
☃️ Millyme2🌱
🐯 Fire Dove
☃️ Dawn
🐯 Paco
☃️ MaggyC
🐯 Meme God
☃️ Charmayos
🐯 Georgia Lee
☃️ Dr. G
🐯 Reggie
☃️ Dr.Cupcake💕

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