It was an honor to be able to come with Mrs. Capt to the SketchClub Awards again this year. To be among so many of our friends is truly a blessing. Thank you for being a part of this great community and for supporting our digital art. A big thanks to BP for providing this awesome app, and thank you Coby (wind dancer) for saving us a seat at the ceremony!

2017 was a fantastic year, and let’s make 2018 even better.

Our warmest regards,
Brian and Angie

⭐️ Wow! Thanks so much for the feature Coby! I can’t believe you let Mrs. Capt sweet talk you at the awards banquet to feature her red dress, and we are most thankful and honored. You are such a great friend, and your kindness inspires us all.

Thanks so much all of my friends for your supporting words and hearts!

❤️ Obilio
❤️ Twinee1
❤️ Kay K
❤️ Tim S.
❤️ wind dancer
❤️ Millyme2🌱
❤️ Reggie
❤️ Mark
❤️ Randall
❤️ Hawaiian Misty (Pam
❤️ KerilynKL
❤️ Almighty Jambon

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6th place in Awards Night

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