All Things Fruit Challenge- Tree decorated with fruit.
I pretty much stumbled through this one. I used or tried most of the tools.. calling it finished.
Christmas Card Compo

Thank you so much Georgia for finding my sketch worthy of a feature. It is such an honor from such a fantastic artist and kind friend. Very much appreciated.
Thank you everyone for voting my card first place in the Holiday Card compo. It was a wonderful surprise and gift and very much appreciated.
Thank You everyone for your kindness, the ♥️'S, 👍🏻'S and comments. 🤗🙏🏻💕
Thank You everyone for your kindness, the, 👍🏻’S and comments. 🤗🙏🏻💕
Thank you for the privledge of receiving your special heart ♥️
🎄 Shelly
🎄 Kat
🎄 Tam
🎄 Hawaiian Misty (Pam
🎄 Fire Dove
🎄 Marilee Johnson
🎄 Georgia Lee
🎄 Reggie
🎄 Hilly SW
🎄 Pili
🎄 Charmayos
🎄 ChrisTL
🎄 SG.25
🎄 P&AToo™
🎄 Linda T
🎄 Twinee1
🎄 Pocket Weasel
🎄 Paco
🎄 MaggyC
🎄 Rasendyll

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Created with an iPad Pro
Uploaded 2017-12-16 22:19:43.582600
Featured by Georgia Lee
Tagged ipad
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All Things Fruit
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1st place in Holiday Cards

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