From the live stream demonstration I gave Phenoix, here are the notes because I forgot to record it.

Start with solid color
Darker at the edges
Lighter as you get to the light source
On a new layer, Use a soft brush, make a small white line following the curve of the edges- transform, make it bigger and then blur it
On new layer, repeat step above with just a small circle of white - making it bigger then repeating step above

Optional steps:

Optional: To blend the object better, Copy down the object on a new layer and Gaussian blur the upper layer to blend the transition better - put layer "on" mode above the original layer - repeat if necessary
Optional: To create the bottom reflection - copy down, transform the bottom layer and make it upside down and place it beneath it - lower opacity so it's much fainter
Optional: Add a shadow behind it to bring it forward - copy the object down to a new layer again, use Gaussian blur and then move the shadow with transform - opposite the light source and lower opacity.

Not in demonstration..
Optional; add a shadow below it just short of the width of the object instead of a reflection shadow.

That is the basics of lighting an object. Art 101

❤️ Thank you, Millyme2🌱 for the heart! How very sweet of you!
❤️ Aww, thanks for the heart, Marilee Johnson! I hope you found this helpful.

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