(PS: The code in the image ^^ is the wrong way around, oops!)

To add your own image to your profile:

1. Create the image.

First create your image on a custom canvas with a maximum width of 720 pixels, or it will be too wide for your profile page.

- Start a new sketch by tapping the "New Sketch" button.
- Look for "Presets" and tap "Custom".
- Make sure "Units" is set to "Pixels".
- Enter the Width (720 or less is best).
- Enter the Height you want.
- Tap the "Create" button.

Make a note of the Width and Height you picked.

The banner I use (see WIP) is 720 x 180.

2. Upload your image as "Unlisted".

3. Directly after uploading, tap-hold on the image until you get a pop-up menu. Now tap "Copy" in that menu to copy a really long and ugly link to your image.

4. Now go to your profile page and tap "Edit your profile" in the top left.

5. In the "About yourself" box, type the following code:

<img src="LINK" width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT" />

Where it says LINK, paste the long and ugly link you just copied.
Where it says WIDTH, type the width you used for the canvas.
Where it says HEIGHT, type the height you used for the canvas.

Here's what my code looks like:

<img src='http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/yyvihsCYJ4l2bH4ziO2chN-Wu07ZOFnouSjjACmsKJONsAC8-Kml-hAfZPpR5NAFzeFfiBGqUEpHvQch8FHgnDgh0leikA=s0' width="720" height="180" />

6. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "Update".

That's all!


You can use a previously uploaded sketch if you want. Look under "Sketch stats" for "Resolution". That's the WIDTH and HEIGHT that you'll need for the code. This will most likely be way too big for your profile, but we can fix that.

Divide both WIDTH and HEIGHT by the same number (to keep the same image ratio) until WIDTH is 720 or less. A 1024 square canvas, for instance, will become 720x720 or smaller.

Thanks for the feature, Darren K

Darren K

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