Merry Christmas to my SketchClub friends!

Valerie Breen, you can’t imagine how much I needed a pick-me-up today. I’ve had sick children all week and this time of year brings it’s own special busyness at work and at home.

Please forgive me if my thanks and my comments are sporadic. I like the social aspect of SC, but at times I also find it overwhelming and I feel guilt for my lack of “presence”.

I am shy about sharing my art on social media, so I’ve set up a website so that my friends and family can see what I’m working on. Also, I’m part of a local artist club and they all seem to have websites like this....when in Rome. I’m not great at techy stuff, so if you have feeedback, I’m eager to learn. I have a great domain though!

Merry Christmas!

Kindness is free, so sprinkle that stuff everywhere!

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