Yes you can create an animated gif in Sketch Club!
It's very simple, really. Here are the steps.
* = see footnotes

πŸ“Create your Image

πŸ–Œ Create your image, it can be text, cartoons, objects, or anything else you can dream up.
I created this ultra simple animation as a starter guide to creating gifs.
πŸ“• What is an animated gif? It's an image created using several images - each slightly different - like a simplified video - blended together to create the illusion of movement.
🎯 Note; this is exactly how video works. Video captures still images very close together and then plays them faster than the eye can detect, giving the illusion of movement.

πŸ“ How I created this very simple animation:

Using my hand-sketched twinkle light brush* and line tool, I placed them in a row across the canvas.
Using vector fill on "on" mode, I colored the base of the lights
Then, I colored the lights in multicolors using the vector tool on a layer below.
Ok, here is where it gets fun...
I exported what I had done that far as a transparent png. (leaving the background blank, it looks white but will export as transparent)
Then, I returned to the sketch ...
Using my large flare brush, I put a white flare of light in the appropriate place on a layer above the lights.
Then, I exported that as a transparent png.


🌟 Making the animation

Creating a new canvas in the same size, I imported the two transparent png images I had exported.
I placed the colored lights without the lens flare on top layer
I placed the colored lights with the lens flare below that
Alternating, I copied them down.
So it was like this...
Layer 6 - without lens flare
Layer 5 - with lens flare
Layer 4- without lens flare
Layer 3- with lens flare
Layer 2 - without lens flare
Layer 1 - with lens flare

πŸ”Ž See what I was doing? Without the lens flare, it looked like unlit twinkle lights. With the lens flare, it looked like they were lit.

πŸ“€Then I exported as animated gif using
layers on setting 5****

πŸ— Where to export; How I did it.

I exported to Dropbox
Then, using the giphy website, I uploaded it to my giphy account.
Using giphy's feature of hosting the image for me, I used a direct link to it to add it to my profile*****
You can see the animation there.


πŸ“Œ You cannot upload animated gifs to Sketch Club**
πŸ“ You can place your animations on your Sketch Club profile, however.
πŸ”— See Mark's tutorial on adding images to your profile***


*Twinkle light brush can be imported directly into Sketch Club by clicking/tapping on this link:
**at this time
πŸ”—*** (tutorial)
πŸ”—**** (wip)
πŸ”—*****Shelly (example on my profile)

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