Realistic Apple; Step by Step Using Sketch Club
*= see footnotes


Before you start:

🌟Decide if you are going to use a layer above the apple using layer properties "on" mode OR use your brushes on "on" mode on the apple itself. Using layer properties on "on" mode, you can erase without destroying the main shape.
📌 Be sure to return brush mode to "over" mode when finsihed or you will not be able to draw except on somethng already on that layer!
🎯 Tip: You can copy down a layer, adjust to multiply in layer properties and then lower opacity to darken the effect without much effort. This saves a lot of time.

🗝 Tutorial; How *I* did it
Please note: I'm not the best artist, this is just how I did it.

Step 1: Draw the outline
Step 2: Create your shape using vector fill on a new layer below it- the outline is simply the guide.
Step 3: Hide outline, you do not need it anymore
Step 4: Do the stem, Use small soft round brush. Darker on one side, lighter on the other - see image for details
Step 5: Using soft round brush, add various darker areas on main shape- your pattern of dark and light may vary. See color palette**
Step 6: Using soft round brush, add light areas
Step 7: Using the circle grain brush***, add texture with darker and lighter shades.
Step 8: On a new layer, Add medium sized highlights of white and Gaussian blur
Step 9: On a new layer, Add very small highlights of white and dark shadow below and Gaussian blur


* (finished)

** Color palette can be downloaded below or from this link:

***The Brush I used can be downloaded here:

😊 I goofed on the image -- you noticed that apple #7 and #8 are identical. See the sketch below for correct way I meant it to be viewed.

❤️ Thank you for the heart, Laviluka

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