Merry Christmas everyone! This sketch is in the style of my personal collection of snowman ornaments that I put out every year, along with the rest of my Christmas decorations. They have a special place in my heart, basically cuz they are just so darn cute! I wish all my SC friends a blessed and wonderful Christmas, and a very Happy and amazing New Year! I’m so glad to have connected with all of you in this incredible app!

Thank you so much for the heart ❤️
Hawaiian Misty (Pam ❤️
Tim S. ❤️
MaggyC ❤️
❉Šhëłłÿ❉ ❤️
Hilly SW ❤️
Simonetta Riccio ❤️
Shirlart ❤️
Fire Dove ❤️
Twinee1 ❤️
Obilio ❤️
Reggie ❤️
Celeste Anleu ❤️

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