Don't worry- I won't do Lineless stuff forever- it's just what I'm in the mood for--

Anyway- because I've been procrastinating doing this way too much, and because I'm actually starting to sketch out the comic I promised you guys, I'm redoing a lot of my OCs designs/reference sheets.

The reason for this is because they're people too, your hair grows, you dye your hair, you change your sense of style, you change what you wear depending on the weather.

And I want them to be the same way.

I also needed to simplify Jonny-Boys hair because I have no clue how to even color it properly the way it used to be. So now it's only two toned, one half purple, the other half black (I use Dark Purple in place of Black because I don't really like to use pure black).

Now, because of the fact that soon I'll be leaving this account I will not start the comic until next year when said account is made. However, I will be posting all of the new ref sheets along with some drawings of either them or just fanart in general.

Thanks for reading this if you did

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