Image loads include: paper drawing and image found online for tribal tattoo
UPDATES INCLUDE: longer hair, clothing change, cloak now has hood, location of sword changed, passive tattoo
*Full Name: Hunter Sebastian Slaner
*Nicknames: Hunt, Hun Hun, Your Most Annoying Highness
*Age: 16 (Birthday: October 29th)
*Height: 5'11"
*Gender: male
*Race: Stetriolian
*Family: Marcus Slaner (father), Lauren (mother), Julia Lavine (half sister), Miles Slaner (half brother)
*Friends: Adriana , Julia (Em), Flynn (Wildspirit), Jeiimin (BlueAnimastic)
*Enemies: Jace, Sophia, Miles, Marcus, Lauren, Conquerers, some Greencloaks
*Crush/lover: (Adriana but broken up rn)
*Other: his real life counterpart is the actor Colin Ford, seriously that his exactly how I imagine Hunter (except for a few muscle differences xd)
*Personality: natural leader, bossy, can be bratty, hates being bossed around by others, hates not being in control, over protective, stubborn, prideful, witty, smart mouth, caring when it comes to close friends, extremely protective when it comes to close friends, can be cold/harsh, know it all, tunnel sighted sometimes (only sees what he wants)
*Appearance: He has naturally pinkish tan skin. He is covered with freckles. He is very muscular in the arms (his pride and joy lol), He was born with blonde hair that has gotten darker as he has aged, now his hair is dark brown towards the bottom and lighter dirty brown/blonde at the top. His hair fluffs up in the front naturally and sweeps in front of his forehead
*Scars: two scars on nose and one scar on lip (from prison), two scars on left arm (from jeii's arrow) and some long scars on his back (from a sword fight)
*Expressions: his face always shows him emotions. It is hard for him to hide his feelings. He smirks and snarls quit a lot, but when he truly smiles it's honestly a great smile. He's an emotional crier if he ever totally breaks down
*Likes: riding horses, onyx, Timbo, Being with Dree, sword fighting, leading, being bossy, sparring, being on the ocean, beading necklaces (lol shocker), Ju
*Dislikes: Miles, Marcus, being under someone else's control, Inclosed spaces, Dree being harmed, ju being harmed, showing weakness, mosquitoes, liars
*Fears: Dree being harmed, falling back into his evil ways, his father (in general)
*Fatal flaw: Harsh, and is slow to let his walls down. He doesn't show his weaknesses to others, and doesn't make friends easily
Hunter had what most people would consider a perfect life, or at least from what people saw. He was born to a wealthy Stetriolian family. He never knew his mother and was son of the commander at a conquerer base. He was the spitting image of his father. He bonded with Timbo naturally, and they had an extremely close bond even without the bile. He didn't have to struggle much as a conquerer since his father was commander. He easily ranked up and grew up to become a strong and skilled sword fighter. He was engaged to another high ranking Stetriolian named Sophia. It was an arranged marriage, but he liked her well enough. His best friend on the base was her brother, Jace. But the struggles began almost as soon as he summoned Timbo. He had always been distant with his father, but now Marcus just seemed cruel and cold hearted. He sent Hunter on many missions early in his conquerer career, and Hunter was proud of these accomplishments. Yet, no matter how well he did, he and his father never grew closer to one another. He was quit popular among everyone else so he tried not to let the rejection bother him, but everything changed when a Greencloak girl was taken prisoner at the base. (Cue 40+ RPs where he bonds with Dree. Meets Ju and his mom. Battles with Flynn. And rides on Kuma with Jeii as his nurse)

CURRENTLY: back at Conqueror base with Marcus, discovered his bro Miles, broken up with Dree, lost hope for rescue
*Alliances: conquerers (formerly), questing Greencloaks
*Weapons: he is a great sword fighter, he can throw daggers, he prefers his weapon but if he has to he uses his fists
*Fighting style: he relies on his brute strength and sword fighting skills. His spirit animal aids him by distracting the opponent, but doesn't provide much strength. He isn't very agile or fast, so he must rely on his spirit animals increased abilities to help him evade capture if necessary
*Bile: no. Unlike most Conquerers he didn't drink the bile.
*Bonding sickness: yes, but he got cured.
*Name: Timbo
*Species: Dingo
*Gender: male
*Extra: three scars on head, long scar on left arm, (all scars received during combat) wears a long tribal necklace that Hunter made for him
*Passive: running dingo, appears on the left side of Hunter's chest
*Personality: Jokester, playful, loves Hunter and never leaves his side, very protective of Hunter, thinks he's stronger than he really is, crafty. He and Hunter have an extremely close bond and they rely on each other. He isn't particularly strong in combat but he will fight with all his heart.
*Increased abilities: makes Hunter faster, allows Hunter to have a clear head and allows him to see possible strategies, enhances his hearing and sense of smell, unclouds Hunter's mind/calms him in order to make him smarter, but this doesn't mean he aid him in making smarter choices, just shows him all possible strategies, not their outcomes.

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