Image loads: paper drawing, and tribal tattoo imagine found online for tattoo

CHANGES: no longer blind in one eye, no facial scars, personality change
*Full Name: Richmond Price
*Age: 16 (Birthday: August 1st)
*Height: 5'8"
*Gender: male
*Race: Stetriolian
*Family: Orphan
*Friends: conquerors
*Enemies: greencloaks
*Crush/lover: Adriana (lol poor hunt)
*Other: irl equivalent is Tom Holland
*personality/traits: cunning and smart, swift, agile, talkative, always cracking jokes, sarcastic, funny, can’t be taken seriously, friends with everyone, smiles all the time, protective
*Appearance: (Tom Holland) Dark brown hair that has a slight reddish brown hue. Appears kind of stocky. Heart melting smile. Light brown eyes.
BACKSTORY: his parents were both killed from bonding sickness when he was very young. He had to fight and barter for his food and supplies to make it through the years without his parents. At the age of 12 he realized he was not going to summon an animal. At around this time the conquerors were rising to power. He joined them as a street thief. Skilled in the art of thievery and swift/silent attacks. When given the bile he chose the wolverine as his forced animal companion. His job for the conquerors is a tracker/stealth hunter. He is used for stealth missions or tracking fugitives/greencloak. He is extremely stealthy and silent killer. He rarely uses a sword (in stealth missions) but relies on his throwing stars. He is extremely loyal to the conquerors because of his deep hatred against the greencloaks for not giving his parents nectar.
CURRENTLY: flirtin with Dree and looking after the undercover greencloaks unaware of their allegiance
*Alliances: conquerors
*weapons: rapier (long thin light weight sword) and throwing stars
*Bile: yes
*Name: Skunk
*Species: Wolverine
*Gender: male
*Passive: snarling wolverine appears on back
*Increased abilities: increased sense of smell, giving great tracking abilities, endurance, allowing to go throw pain, fatigue, and bad climate without stopping, increased strength/power when it comes to arms, increased traction and climbing ability, allowing to travel on all terrain as well as climate
Redcloak: yes
Name: N/A
Traits from SA: long thin razor claws, sharp wolverine bone crushing fangs, extremely good sense of smell and hearing, heightened endurance especially for cold, more to be added

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