Image loads include: paper drawing and image found online for tribal tattoo
UPDATES INCLUDE: hair color and length change
*Full Name: Marcus Slaner
*Nicknames: Marc
*Age: 39
*Height: 6”
*Gender: male
*Race: Stetriolian
*Family: Hunter Slaner (son), Lauren (ex wife?¿), Miles Slaner (son), mysterious lady (fling)
*Friends: Conquerors, Jameson Andrews, Lauren , Benjamin Cobalt (deceased)(wildspirit), Liam Cobalt (wildspirit)
*Enemies: Greencloaks, questing greencloaks
*Crush/lover: basically any lady
*Other: Anakin Skywalker (and actor) is his irl equivalent ; has a tattoo on his left arm
*Personality: selfish, harsh, secretive, conniving, jerk, manipulative, bossy, prideful, womanizer, liar, two faced, low key bipolar, pretty hilarious tho, a sleep around
*Appearance: tan skin, longish dark brown hair, muscular, very similar to his sons
*Expressions: he very rarely shows his emotions, usually he just scowls or glares. He does have a very manipulative smile, but he rarely smiles at anything good.
*Likes: battle, commanding, winning, having power over others, being bossy, women, Jag, his sword, his muscles, his hair, sarcasm
*Dislikes: being told what to do, losing, being wrong, the questing greencloaks, being outsmarted by teenagers, Hunter on most occasions
*Fatal flaw: he’s power hungry.
*read that teen Marcus writing from earlier*
He was dating his childhood girlfriend, Lauren, but she left him after he became power hungry. She left their son, Hunter, with him. Before this, he had cheated on her with an unknown woman, and they had another son, Miles. Miles is two years older than Hunter. Lauren later returns to him after the death of his ex best friend.

CURRENTLY: holding Hunter captive at the base, revealing the questing children, being a successful Conqueror General, being besties with Liam and smoochin Lauren
*Alliances: Conquerors
*Weapons: He is a master sword fighter, and he uses his strength to overcome most opponents
*Bile: yes
*Name: Jag
*Species: Tasmanian Devil
*Gender: male
*Extra: very protective of Hunter and slightly resentful of Marcus, surprising since he was bonded through bile so he should be a blind follower
*Passive: a snarling Tasmanian Devil on his left bicep
*Increased abilities: makes Marcus faster during battle to avoid attack, enhances his sense of smell so he can find enemies, the Tasmanian Devil has the ability to lend him the power of a rage frenzy in battle

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