Of my contest
Stuffies- character
Cactus- background and title
:D ty to everyone that participated and since not that many people participated in giving an extra heart to those who did!! ( even if u didn't win anything )
I'm sorry to announce this tho but.... I decided to do mine in a manga style so I'm not going to have an official cover it's going to have a nice colored pic of the characters every 5 or 6 chapters (which would be one volume) ^v^ if u look at real manga you would probably know what I'm saying the way I'm going to upload it is imma post one page and put a link to unlisted sketches (which are other pages) I'm going to upload whole chapters rather than single pages like most people on sc do but that'll take longer than usual TvT so I'll TRY to upload once a month ^v^

And if anyone is good at mapmaking that would be helpful too ;v; if you have any questions or complaints ( helpful suggestions as well) plz contact me 😜 .
Im not going to use any of the contest stuff except the title and the characters if their owners let me which means that I won't be using Stuffies character as the main ;v; SORRY!!!!!! TvT but I hope you all agree that the contest was fun I had a hard time judging but they were all very nice entries ^v^

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