🤧Oh Dang, I forgot to blur the lines around the pupil. You'll want to do that. Perhaps even copy it down and use multiply to darken it
I say realistic "enough" because this could be better. I guess you could call this "realistic" but just so. There are pencil sketches that are hyper-realistic that just blow my mind. I couldn't do hyper-realistic in 9 steps, I do not think. But I will work on it.
I try to keep my new tutorials simple and only 9 steps.
This is just one way of doing it. Realism is not my strong suit. I am just learning and sharing my progess with you.
I'll try to write out the steps as best as I can:

1️⃣ Create the outline. Always use the circle tool for the eye.
2️⃣ Add New Layer above outline. Use a soft brush and create shading
3️⃣ Add New layer below outline. Create the lines with the sketchy tool - copy them down to make them darker. Blur them slightly. I think my blur is just a bit too much.
4️⃣ Add New layer above shading. Create the crease and highlight the lid
5️⃣ Add New layer above all previous layers. Darken shadows (copy down layer) and add a lighter color to highlight around 3/4 of the eye
6️⃣ Darken lid, add soft thin line above the water line of the lower lid and around iris for shading. Keep in mind that the entire eye is an orb (not shown here) so the corners are darker and lighten as it gets to the iris
7️⃣ New layer on top. Add highlights over the pupil and waterline
8️⃣ Add lashes. Longer lashes look best if they are curved slightly. Men's lashes can be straigher. Real-life men can and do have long curling lashes but when I try to give men lashes it tends to make the eyes look too feminine like they are wearing mascara. Lashes look best if they are slightly thicker at the base and have a thinner tip and they can criss-cross too. Don't forget the bottom lashes.
9️⃣ Add skin texture on lids and clean up any stray lines and check for mistakes
This sketch used the skin texture in community textures by Pantalla 64.
To use: load image, scroll down to textures.
🔆 Commuunity backgrounds do not count as an outside image load and are ok in compos unless specificaly stated in compo rules - check compos before doing your sketch

👁This tutorial is only for the Iris (colored) portion of the eye but here are some common mistakes when drawing eyes in general :
👎Forgetting the waterline (that's the light colored skin part you see on the lower lid and is sometimes visible on the upper lid as well
👌Forgetting the shadow of the lashes in the reflection
👆Forgetting a highlight on the upper lid
👇Forgetting to highlight the waterline
✋️Making the iris too big - An oversized iris is fine on cartoons and babies but will detract from the realism otherwise.
If you use this tutorial, I would 💕LOVE to see your efforts. Feel free to place a link to your sketch in comments. I will be sure to give you feedback on each one.
Here are colorized versions of this sketch:
Brown Iris - http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10954740
Green Iris - http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10954746

Colorized refers to grayscale images that have had color added to them afterwards as opposed to doing it in color from the beginning.
Thank you for your Hearts!
❤️ Marilee Johnson
❤️ Shirlart
🆓🆕🆒 Brushes!
💡I have a new skin texture brush that is very realistic that you might enjoy. It is a pattern brush. You can download it by clicking on this link: http://cache.sketchclub.com/preset-file/94977479a5204d9187144771d3ee2a25.sketchClubPreset
🔴You can preview the brush here before downloading, if you wish: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10955075

Working straight from this sketch, I created the most realistic eye my skills can accomplish right now. You can see it here:

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