Here is a quick visual on how to use "On" Mode with layers and with any tool in Sketch Club and how it looks with normal mode.
Zoom in to see it better.

👍There are two ways you can apply something using "on" mode.

What is "on" mode? In Photoshop terms, "On" mode preserves transparency. This allows you to only color within the lines, so to speak, by only adding to what is already there. But, that makes it seem more complicated than it really is.
It's very simple, really. That's why I made the visual for you.

Here are the ways you can do it:
1. Layer Options
Create a new layer above the one you want to work on and change the layer properties to "on" mode. It will make whatever you are doing remain only in the areas already present in the layer below.
2. Tools Options
In the brush tool options, "on" mode will allow you to sketch only on areas of the layer that is already there.
This is VERY important!:
 Be sure to put the tool back on "over" mode or else you will wonder why you can't draw anything!

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