Name: Lucy Ann dean
Lover: rose
S/O bi
Ship- NO
Height: 5'6
Weight: 89.7 pounds
Cutting to feel pain besides numbness
Roses company
Being alone at periods of times
Hot chocolate
Christmas music
Fairy lights
Her cuts healing
Getting overprotective at times
People touching her wings, tail, ears. (Don't ask about the wings it's in a different AU)
Cliffhangers- to be continued(sorry not sorry)
Crying in public
Having to vent to people
Dealing with Elise's bulls***
Her body image
~~origin of this Lucy bab~~
Once she was 10 years old, she'd found out that her father had been in a car crash. Her own mother said to her daily "it's your fault he got in that car crash." "You used your witchy powers to make him die didn't you?!" And "why don't you die in a car crash and see how he felt, maybe you'll finally feel sorry for him." She had enough of this s*** her mother was giving her, and ran away. She lived with Elise. Elise was her childhood friend even though Elise was kinda a little mean at times, Elise still had enough sympathy for her. Until high school she found out about self harm and that most kids were doing that. Since she had a long sleeve uniform on, she walked home (Elise's home) and got a knife, and cut herself. She did it before Elise got home (she gets home late because she's finally able to drink) and when Elise finally did get home, Elise wouldn't be sober. So it was like having a second mom like last time at home. But less worse.

Hope you liked this.
Lucy is a part of my own depression. Every oc is a part of myself. Keep in mind of that. Ok?

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