Name: Alistor
S/O: asexual
Gender: male
Type: nightmare demon
Likes: the dark, children, knives, not disappointing the king, finishing missions, people cowering with fear, fire, death, and dogs
Dislikes: the light, killing children, annoying people, changing plans, when he has to kill with bare hands, the king angry

70% of the time his face is blank. He dosent like to show emotions but he ends up showing them to kids. He loves children because he used to be the father of 14 kids. When he was in a war he came back to hear the news of his family being killed. He was devastated. He became an assasian of the king in order to find the person that killed them ultimately becoming immune to the consent of death. He dosent like killing children because he feels they are to helpless to kill, and it isn’t fair.

Shadow demons: shadow demons are demons that feed on fear and anger. They eat fear sort of like a soul eater they suck it out of the person. Alternative ways of eating are to touch the person or feed off the fear in their ora. They can also distribute fear onto a person and make them insane for fun. They can turn to shadows like in their name and that is why they are used for assasian work. They can’t be around or touch water cuz it burns them badly.. every shadow demon has one weak spot.. it’s different on every one and one blow can be fatal..

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