3 custom logo brushes - of course, you are not required to use them. To download, click on the links below

Custom logo brush for Georgia Lee - a birthday gift

1️⃣ http://cache.sketchclub.com/preset-file/c8a21edf00904f5f9245a947aa976b89.sketchClubPreset

2️⃣ http://cache.sketchclub.com/preset-file/9b2eb6338772471f80d8ee051cd5e41a.sketchClubPreset

3️⃣ http://cache.sketchclub.com/preset-file/fd2fbe022ac04f61b358f9b0dafe8eb3.sketchClubPreset

We have a group compo for Georgia and Marcia in Sketch Club Veterans! Please add a link to your birthday sketches for each artist to the discussion. Please, only one artist on each sketch as there will be 2 #1 winners! One for each artist. Multiple Entries allowed!

Click here to enter! http://app.sketchclub.com/forum/group-sketch-club-veterans/6191287158702080

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