i went skating for the first time today
i had to wear these rollerblades and i struggled to get them on and when i did i fell right as i got up
and then we went into the rink and i held onto my friend the entire time, since she’s a pro ajsjsjd and then i got one of those granny things u hold onto while u skate and i didn’t fal, as many times but the times i did fall the helper came down with me
i also got a dollar from the bathroom floor it prolly had pee on it but i mean worth it
and while i was in the bathrooms i f-cking fell
cus i still had the blades on cus u couldn’t just ?? take them off ?? hthat would be weird (not sarcasm)
anyhow it was fun
sorry for not being active
tuesday and wednesday me and my friends hung out at the park next to our school and then we walked to the mcdonald’s and got food
so for three days in a row i basically spent the entire day away from home so i didn’t get time to get on here
i prolly won’t be on here tmrw either 🤷‍♀️
we will se

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