Just a quick character that I created, this necessarily isn't a tidy drawing, but a sketch to give a little bit of an artistic essence and presence. I used approximately 4 layers to create this, how I used these layers will be explained...
Layer #1 Was used as a layer to draw the body shape
Layer #2 Was used to draw the hair and the details on the clothing.
Layer#3 was used as a facial structural base..
Layer#4 was used for coloring and adding depth into the shadowing..
I used certain brushed to get a correct acceleration! ✍🏻.. I used the brush (Brush) sized as approx. 2.0 to give a natural thing essence... For sharing I outlined the body and structural features to give shading to and blurred it slightly, for the face I had to blur quite a bit, so that any remaining makeup on the face doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. I wanted to give it a simple background so that is was just focus on the characteristics of the girl.. The hashtag looking figure was meant to had a bruise feature, or getting slapped, I chose this because it was an additional feature to show what she experiences or what she feels, the mark was also to add to her facial expression, and why she looks like that...
Please do not copy this art... 🚫❌
Thank you very much..

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