The sky was so gorgeous when I snapped this picture, Bob Ross would have loved to have painted it.
🍀thank you so much Brian for the kind feature, you Inspire me and I am sure so many others here with your beautiful art. You made this lady’s night and gave me a big smile🤗🙏🏻💕
And if you don’t feel this drawing fits the Bob Ross compo then, don’t vote for it.i promise you I could care less about winning. Bob Ross was an artists who’s greatest talent was to make you love or want to try and paint. He imagined his painting and added things on the spur of the moment, he loved clouds, and skies and trees. I thought this photo I took had the elements that Bob Ross loved. By your standards of technique and Bob Ross, what is it?whats his technique? Wet on wet paint, well guess what this is digital painting, you can’t do that here , so again what’s his so called technique, if you say drawing mountains , evergreens and a body of water, well that’s not technique, that’s subject matter.

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