Used a video to watch and then did my take on his piece…I changed up a few things but the general idea was his…
My dad is a huge fan of Bob Ross, my mom however equates watching his videos as "like watching paint dry on a wall" … I rarely try to do something by another artist … I'm not disciplined or focused enough to copy … and I wander off on my own lol 😂 Sorry for the long explanation … hope you like!!😬

This is all on 1 layer except the signature …

Season 6 Episode 7
Thank you to the INCREDIBLE Screaming Mimi … not only are you an AMAZING ARTIST, but you've become a dear friend over the last couple years!!! I'm honored to get a Feature from you …☺️

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144,199 glops
Created with an iPad Pro
Uploaded 2018-01-20 20:18:39.626160
Featured by Screaming Mimi
Tagged ipad
9th place in Bob Ross Landscapes

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